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Eligibility Criteria for Grants/Scholarships
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Eligibility Criteria


Thank you for choosing to apply for a WSHA Foundation Scholarship(s) and/or The Vicki Lord Larson and James R. Larson Research Grant. Please note the following:


  • You may apply for up to two scholarships and one research grant per competition cycle (annually).


  • The scholarship and grant selection committees have been instructed that a student may win more than one scholarship or both a scholarship and research grant in a given year if a student is the highest qualified candidate for both awards.


  • Students may apply for scholarships and grants each year they are qualified. Students may be awarded scholarships or grants in multiple years.


  • You may send in one transcript even if applying for two scholarships; the Foundation office will take care of attaching a copy to your other scholarship application.


  • You may submit one set of recommendation letters and the Foundation office will duplicate copies as needed to make complete application packets; alternatively, you may invite separate letters for different scholarships or encourage those writing for you to customize each letter.



Please download the Eligibility Criteria Grid and use as a guideline for which scholarships or grants best fit with your strengths: download here(IMPORTANT: Print out this PDF and include it with your application(s) when you send it in.)


Check the grants/scholarship(s) that you are applying for. Please note the main qualifications needed for each grant/scholarship. Also, at the bottom of the grids, please check if the office needs to duplicate and attach any information for you.


Applications for each grant/scholarship can be found on the following pages:




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